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Chimgan & Charvak

Charvak is a huge artificial lake-reservoir, surrounded by green mountain slopes. In 1964, the settlement of Charvak was formed in connection with the construction of the Charvak hydroelectric power station. In 1970, when a powerful stone-sand dam with a height of 168 meters was created, the confluence of the Pskem, Koksu and Chatkal rivers gave birth to the Charvak reservoir. The lake’s coastline stretches for 100 kilometers. One of the largest rivers of Uzbekistan – Chirchik flows out of the reservoir.

According to one of the versions, Charvak acquired its name from four luxurious gardens that were once located on this place. There is also an opinion that Charvak is a garden-estate of Sufi ishans, and according to tradition, the estate was passed from sheikh to sheikh, who saw wisdom in the gardens.

The local area is interesting to visit. Near the dam and the town of Khodjikent there is a large restaurant-teahouse, in the courtyard of which a 600-year-old plane tree grows, and nearby you can find rock paintings of primitive man. One of the small but interesting sights of the Charvak reservoir is the village of Bogistan, where two great figures of the East were born: Sheikh Khovendi at-Takhur (Sheikhatnaur), as well as his distant relative Ubaydulla Akhror, a great Sufi widely known in the world.

Deep-sea studies show that the bottom of Charvak hid from us burial mounds, settlements and petroglyphs, indicating traces of ancient settlements. More than 150 cultural monuments are supposedly located in this area, but, unfortunately, most of these attractions have been lost under a layer of mud and silt. Local residents attribute mystical phenomena to these places, the origin of which cannot be explained. Anyone will tell you about takyrs and their amazing healing properties. It is worth being here for several hours, as forces appear, as if the earth takes away all the ailments and all the negative energy.

Around the lake, directly along the mountain slopes, there is a ring road, along which all kinds of places for recreation are located: hotel complexes, cafes, health resorts, mountaineering camps and, of course, beach areas. For vacationers, all conditions have been created that meet modern standards, equipped sports and playgrounds, a pier for walks on windsurfing or catamaran. The well-established infrastructure allows you to easily come and enjoy the air and a peaceful atmosphere. Also, many species of fish that live in the Charvak waters are of great interest among fishing enthusiasts, both among local fishermen and among foreign tourists. The largest recreation area is “Charvak Oromgohi” near the village of Yusufkhona. The mountains nearby the lake have a complex full of caves and secret paths that served as a refuge for the hiding Zoroastrians. There is a beautiful view of the peaks of the Big and Small Chimgan, which are only thirty kilometers away.

The Chimgan Mountains are also a favorite place for travelers visiting Uzbekistan. If Charvak is more a resort near the water, then Chimgan is more like mountain resorts. Local and foreign tourists visit the Chimgan Mountains for active recreation and spending time in nature. There is a ski resort in Chimgan that has trails for professionals and beginners. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, the area offers hang gliding, orienteering and rock climbing. For all comers, there is a huge tourist area with many cafes, shops, rental offices for mountaineering and ski equipment.

Creative people, far from active rest, can take up photography or painting here, as the local landscapes are striking in their beauty and diversity. You can rent a snow scooter, ATV or ride a horse.

The air and atmosphere of the Chimgan Mountains are known for their healing properties. The first Chimgan sanatorium was built at the beginning of the 20th century. Rest here is recommended for both children and people of retirement age. The former will find here a lot of entertainment and acquaintance with alpine skiing will pass comfortably, the latter will certainly appreciate the level of the best mountain resorts in Uzbekistan.

Charvak and Chimgan are must-see places for tourists in the capital of Uzbekistan. Accessibility of transport, developed infrastructure, and many other positive factors will be adequately appreciated even by the most demanding tourists in Uzbekistan.