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Flight schedule

There are 16 airports in Uzbekistan, which carry out both international and domestic flights. The following cities are connected by international air traffic:

  1. Andijan (AZN)
  2. Bukhara (BHK)
  3. Fergana (FEG)
  4. Karshi (KSQ)
  5. Namangan (NMA)
  6. Navoi (NVI)
  7. Nukus (NCU)
  8. Samarkand (SKD)
  9. Tashkent (TAS)
  10. Termez (TMI)
  11. Urgench (UGC)

In the international airlines market, in addition to Uzbekistan Airways, the following companies carry out flights to Uzbekistan: Aeroflot, Air Astana, Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, China Southern, Kam Air, Rossia, S7, Turkish Airlines, Ural Airlines, Yakutiya, Nord Wind, Red Wings, Iraero, Buta Airways Somon Air, Fly Dubay, UTair.

Uzbekistan Airways is the state-owned airline of the Republic of Uzbekistan, founded in 1992 (HY). Currently, international flights are operated by Airbus and Boeing aircraft to more than 50 destinations, including countries in Europe, Asia, and North America.