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Uzbekistan is a country located in the very center of Central Asia. It shares borders with Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan, and its capital is Tashkent. The autonomous republic of Karakalpakstan is part of Uzbekistan. The total area of the republic is 448,800 square kilometers, and the population is 34 million. Uzbekistan is a multinational and secular country with very hospitable people and developed infrastructure. The main activity is considered to be agriculture, but machine building, light, and heavy industries, as well as tourism, are developing in the country. Visas to Uzbekistan are not required for residents of the CIS, and for others, the package of documents depends on the country of residence, however, Uzbekistan is considered one of the most hospitable countries when it comes to obtaining an entry permit. Temporary registration is made at the hotel. For guests of the country, there are airports in key cities – regional centers. In addition, trains and other types of transport run in the cities. The national currency is Uzbek sum, but hotels restaurants and other establishments can accept foreign currency and international payment cards. The climate is sharply continental, spring and autumn are recommended for visiting, as the summer is quite hot. There are no restrictions in Uzbekistan, residents are friendly towards everyone, without exception, regardless of nationality and religion. The main language is Uzbek, but most of the population can speak Russian, and in tourist areas, the staff understands English and other foreign languages.

Tours to Uzbekistan are popular among tourists of all countries and ages – this is one of the most popular tourist destinations. This is not surprising, because Uzbekistan is the “heart” of Central Asia, a place where many traditions and customs merge, where the region’s cultural diversity is preserved. The Uzbek land is called the “cradle of culture”, once this sacred land gave birth and raised a great number of world-famous scientists, theologians and encyclopedists. Now everyone has the opportunity to purchase a tour around the cities of Uzbekistan.

The variety of national cuisine should also be noted. People from all over the world come here to enjoy classic Central Asian food. A gastronomic tourist trip to Uzbekistan will not leave anyone indifferent, because even the recipe for Uzbek pilaf has become a world cultural heritage. And where else to try pilaf, if not in its homeland?

In all Uzbek cities, there are unshakable echoes of antiquity, echoes of past centuries, architectural ensembles, which are hundreds of years old. They are silent witnesses of the past and amaze tourists who wish to visit Uzbekistan. The best architects from many countries took part in their construction, so the grandeur and beauty of these structures cannot be expressed in words.

Uzbekistan can boast of its mild climate and wonderful landscapes, which will impress those who love outdoor activities. Mountain tourism and rock climbing are considered to be very popular. Clean lakes, cliffs, rocky ridges with spacious caves delight even experienced travelers. Despite the relatively warm winter, among the guests of the country, there are often those who would like to go downhill skiing. The ski slopes of Uzbekistan are among the safest and warmest.